Signs of Self-Injury Prevention Program

The Signs of Self-Injury Prevention program, launched in the spring of 2009, is designed to address the problem of self-injury with high school students in a classroom setting. Non-suicidal self-injury is when people intentionally hurt their bodies, generally without suicidal intent, in order to reduce and/or communicate serious psychological distress.

This program is based on the same model used to develop the SOS program, and uses same principles of modeling to teach youth to recognize the signs of distress, in either themselves or a friend, and to respond effectively using the ACT® approach (Acknowledge, Care, and Tell). This approach emphasizes that youth should seek help from an adult in responding to suspected incidents of self-injury.

The program aims to teach students about the signs and symptoms of self-injury, appropriate peer responses to a friend who self-injures, as well as the importance of adult intervention, among other help-seeking options. Students will determine their personal risk for adopting self-injurious behaviors, as well as develop strategies and coping skills for overcoming self-injurious thoughts.

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