Are you looking for ways to support your students’ mental health needs on or off campus?

Our diverse programming allows you to connect with students online with interactive peer-to-peer and screening programs, in person by hosting awareness and screening events or in the classroom by utilizing our in-depth resilience course curriculum.

Online Screening Programs

Designed to provide a safe and anonymous way students can check in on their mental health, our online self-assessments allow users to screen for mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and alcohol use disorders. Our online screenings provide an assessment of the student’s mental health, information on whether their assessment results are consistent with a mental health disorder, as well as an overview of the signs and symptoms of treatable mental health disorders. Utilize the customization features to upload your school logo, choose a color theme, and connect students with your counseling or local resources.

Our mobile-friendly platform ensures a seamless user experience. Purchasing an online screening program will give your organization access for a full year of use.

Browser Requirements: IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

In-Person National Screening Event Kits

Join hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation by hosting a screening and awareness event during the school year. Participating in National Depression Screening Day, National Eating Disorder Screening Program, or National Alcohol Screening Day can provide a visible reminder to students about the importance of their mental health and the treatment resources that are available to them. Our in-person kits come with everything you need to successfully host an event—including online access to promotional materials to help with your promotional efforts.

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College SOS teaches students to recognize the signs of depression and suicidality in themselves and their peers. Appropriate for a variety of settings, College SOS includes an in-person component as well as an online student portal, which offers students vital mental health information in an accessible and entertaining format.

Realize Your Resilience

Realize Your Resilience (RYR) is an easy-to-use, online toolkit containing everything you need to promote academic resilience on your campus. The toolkit contains a variety of innovative resources as well as an in-depth course curriculum - all designed specifically around the 7 primary resiliency skills: Success Orientation, Goals and Purpose, Thought Patterns, Mentorship, Nurturing Relationships, High Achievement Expectations, Involvement, and Engagement.

This kit is the perfect tool to serve as an additional resource to enhance your pre-existing programs and services. The RYR toolkit can directly support and impact orientation workshops, freshman seminars, Residential Life, Peer Educator programs, student organizations, wellness centers/initiatives, a weekly resilience group, and other student groups/organizations/classes.

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.
– Plutarch