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As part of the College Response Program, Bowie State University welcomes you to the online screening for eating disorders, alcohol issues, anxiety disorders, and depression. The free anonymous screening is made available to all Bowie State University students 18 years of age or older. The screening is provided so that you may find out, in just a few minutes, whether or not professional consultation would be helpful to you.


The only information that can be collected and reported is aggregate in nature and pertains to general information regarding the number of screenings that take place, the results of the screenings, and general demographic information. There is no information collected that identifies you as an individual. Therefore, Counseling Services will not be able to view your individual results. However, you may print out the results and bring them to counseling for a referral to a professional specializing in treatment of a specific disorder. has implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security. To prevent unauthorized access and ensure the appropriate use of information, Screening for Mental Health has physical, electronic, and managerial procedures that safeguard and secure its website. For more information, please click on the privacy policy.

Disclaimer: Counseling Services at Bowie State University offers this survey for informational and educational purposes only. The results of the survey are not intended as medical or mental health advice or as a diagnosis. For diagnosis of any suspected medical or mental health condition, survey participants should seek the advice of a licensed mental health or medical professional or contact Counseling Services for a referral.









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