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Welcome to the "Online Mental Health Screening Program."  All screenings are anonymous. No identifying information will be solicited and your IP address is not recorded.

"Online Mental Health Screening" is supported by the Mission College Student Health Services.   Personal Counselors (mental health interns supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist from Asian-Americans for Community Involvement Behavior Health Services) are available each week to support currently enrolled student's mental health needs during the Fall and Spring Semesters (not available during Intersessions).   The Personal Counselors are part-time and their services are provided by appointment.  Student Health Services is located in room W1-303; phone:  408 - 855-5140. 

If you contact the Student Health Services and an immediate appointment is not available with a personal counselor, the staff member may refer you to a community mental health resource.    Crisis Intervention services are provided by the college's Counseling Center, 1-408-855-5034 or 1 -408-855-5033, room E1-301.

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