Welcome to the Alcohol Screening Program @ ETSU.

Welcome to our confidential alcohol screening site.  All screens are anonymous; no identifying information will be solicited and your IP address is not recorded.

After you complete the alcohol screen, you will receive feedback regarding your results.

If you are a student and would like to discuss these results or have any other concerns about alcohol or drug use, please visit  the ETSU Counseling Center website,  for more information about our services.  Or you may also choose to discuss this matter with your primary care provider.

If you are faculty or staff or member and would like to discuss these results or have any other concerns, please contact your primary care physician.  You may also choose to contact the ETSU Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for help locating additional services,

If you are a member of the local or regional community and would like to discuss these results, please contact your primary care physician or use the "Other Information" tab to locate resources.

Thank you for participating.

(If you are experiencing a mental health emergency and you are on-campus  please contact Public Safety at 439-4480 or dial 911. If you are off-campus, please dial 911 or proceed to your nearest hospital emergency room.)

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