Military Program: Overview!

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Military Pathways® (formerly the Mental Health Self-Assessment Program) offers service personnel and their families the opportunity to take anonymous, mental health and alcohol use self-assessments online, via the phone, and through special events held at installations. The self-assessments are a brief series of questions that, when linked together, help create a picture of how an individual is feeling.

The program is designed to help individuals identify their own symptoms and access assistance before a problem becomes serious. The self-assessments address posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, generalized anxiety disorder, alcohol use, and bipolar disorder. After completing a self-assessment, individuals receive referral information including services provided by TRICARE, Military OneSource and Vet Centers.

The program, part of the Department of Defense continuum of care, is fully funded by Force Health Protection and Readiness, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs.

To take a free, anonymous self-assessment, visit or call 1-877-877-3647.

For more information on:

  • Free kits of materials to help installations conduct mental health and alcohol education events (National Depression Screening Day® and National Alcohol Screening Day®).
  • New family kits designed raise awareness about psychological fitness. Perfect for Family Readiness Groups, Chaplains, and other groups helping military families throughout the deployment cycle.
  • Customized online screening allows you to add a link to a customized version of our anonymous screening to your website. Customizing allows you to include the specific information for your unit/base/installation’s Chaplain, mental health professional or local support resources.
  • Online and telephone self-assessment program available 24/7 to all military personnel and their families.
  • SOS Signs of Suicide® Prevention Program available for schools serving military children in the U.S and overseas. The SOS program is the only school-based program proven to reduce suicide attempts in a randomized, controlled study.

(Military Pathways is funded by Force Health Protection and Readiness, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs.)

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